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An excellent EDC option for those who require a full size cutting tool that can tackle some serious work or a striking piece to add to your collection, the precision fit and finish make the LEXK Plus a desirable custom piece. 

The LEXK Plus denotes premium upgrades such as the 3D machined pocket clip, ceramic bearing pivot and carbon fibre back spacer. This liner lock top flipper has the same clean lines and streamlined profile as the standard size while offering more blade and handle real estate.


  • Overall Length 7.63”
  • Blade Length 3.31”
  • Weight 3.20”
  • Blade Steel options: Elmax / M390
  • GR5 Titanium frames
  • Various Inlay material (fat carbon / crazy fibre / micarta / carbon fibre)
  • Ceramic Pivot and Detent
  • Ti Spacer and Clip
  • Inner Frame machined weight reduction pockets
  • Optional Heat Darkened Frames
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