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This robust front flipper is both modern and classic in design. The Atlas SFL is a longer, more streamlined version of the LEXK. 

Its stylish look and easy carry retains the robust slab frame lock construction and high-end performance. Capable of serious use, the Atlas is excellent for daily carry, while the fit and finish make this a desirable collectors piece. 


  • Overall Length 7.72"
  • Blade Length 3.38"
  • Weight 3.49 oz.
  • Blade Steel options: Elmax / M390
  • GR5 Titanium frames
  • Various Inlay material (fat carbon / crazy fibre / micarta / carbon fibre)
  • Ti Connector Hardware
  • Ceramic Pivot and Detent
  • Ti Spacer and Clip
  • Inner Frame machined weight reduction pockets
  • Optional Heat Darkened Frames
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